Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two by Two & Bag It

I told Emily that I would do her tag and I was also bag tagged by a couple of friends, so here it goes...
  • Two names you go by? Jame and Mommy
  • Two things you are wearing now? Jeans and a Jackson Hole T-shirt
  • Two things you want (or have) in a relationship? Laughter and respect
  • Two of your favorite things to do? Cooking and taking long, hot showers - something that never seems to happens anymore.
  • Two of your least favorite things to do? Changing a poopy diaper and getting ready for the day - I really hate doing my hair & make-up.
  • Two people you last talked to? Brian and Ashlyn
  • Two things you are doing tomorrow? Babysitting Madi & Maya and budgeting
  • Two longest car rides? Salt Lake to Montana and the California coast line - something that only needs to be done once in a person’s life
  • Two favorite Holidays? Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve
  • Two favorite Drinks? Water and milk
  • Two things about me you may not have known? #1:I had a mole on my back removed and tested for cancer – it came back benign. #2: I once kissed a stranger on New Year's Eve.
  • Two jobs I have had in my life? Dental assistant and waitress
  • Two movies I would watch over and over? ???? – Here are two movies that I do watch over and over, but not by choice: “Peter Pan” and “Strawberry Shortcake – Get Well Adventure”
  • Two favorite foods? My Mom’s Sunday dinners and my Dad’s omelets (They are great cooks. I get better food at their home than any restaurant I have been to.)
  • Two places I'd rather be right now? In a spa getting a pedicure or kickin’ back at Ruby’s Inn - yeehaw, we will be there 3 weeks from today and I can’t wait!!

Now for the bag tag. I am suppose to show my bag and the contents therein. I am only doing this because I like the girls who tagged me. I don't consider myself a purse person and I don't think you'll find the contents too intriguing.

This is my bag, I hate it. I needed a new purse when I was nine months pregnant and I went to one store and got the first bag that was semi-decent.

I am cheating here a bit. I am not going to unload and photograph everything inside, sorry. But here is what it contains: wallet, checkbook, pocket calendar, coupons, lists of different varieties (I am a list maker), lotion, purell, about a dozen pens, nail clippers, notepads, feminine needs, carmex (I am an addict), and gum. My cell phone is usually in there, but it is being charged at the moment.

Told ya, not at all interesting. There you go Jamie and Heather :)

Go on and do either of these tags if you feel so inclined.


Princess said...

I think your purse is cute and I love the fact that you kissed a stranger on New Year's! I am learning more about you all the time and I really like it!

Zachary said...

I have to admit...the kissing a stranger surprised me too! Way to go Cuz!

Jamie said...

Thanks Jame! I remember the kissing on New Year's . . . we always know how to have fun!

The Carter Family: said...

We had a New Year's like that also (it does not mean that I am admitting to anything!)and I was also bag-tagged but I decided to bag it (hee-hee!) because I am not a purse person either and all that is in it is my wallet!

Heather said...

Thanks for playing friend :)

The Lund Five said...

I learned some things about you from that tag. I didn't know about the kissing a stranger. Was it on the lips or cheek? Thanks for doing the tag. I'm also proud of you for posting every day this week like you said you were going to. Good for you!