Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today MSN featured a list of eight hometown heroes, ordinary people making a difference in their community. It made me think about what constitutes a "hero" and who my hero would be. Truth be told, I don't think I have a single hero, I have multiple. There are many people who have blessed my life. There are many whom I look up to as an example of what I hope to become. Many whom have enriched my life with their positive, happy personalities.

One woman featured in the article, Donna Holmberg said, "A hero is someone who takes on the challenges of everyday life and overcomes extreme adversity." This definition perfectly fits one of my heroes, my Grandma Lifferth. Not only has she overcome multiple challenges and adversity during her lifetime, she did so without complaint. She is a prime example of endurance.

I have heard stories of my dad's childhood all my life. He always made his childhood sound fun and adventurous. It was not until recently that I really thought about the life of my Grandma. She had a hard life! I know that I would not have been as patient and tolerant as she was. I am spoiled! I am too used to modern conveniences.

My Grandma did laundry by hand, chopped wood, lived in a tent at three different times, trapped, killed, gutted and cooked small animals for her family to eat, and lived very meagerly. She had to feed her large family with what little they had which meant that she had to be quite creative.

But it is not just these physical things that makes her a hero. She also read her scriptures daily, went above and beyond her church callings, constantly put others' needs above her own, and never spoke ill of another person. She truly exemplified a Christlike life. She loved being a mother. She loved her family and did her best to make everyone feel important.

I am blessed to have such a legacy in my life. Even though she is now in a nursing home and cannot communicate, I will always remember her for the life she lived before she became ill. Grandma Lifferth definitely deserves the title of "hero" in my eyes.


All About M.E.('s) said...

Very nice post and very nice tribute to Grandma.

Mark N. said...

I don't think that I could ever get tired of stories from the North 40. I completely agree with you, I used to just think of them as stories, but now that I'm grown up, I really realize what they actually had to endure. We really are blessed.

Zachary said...

Wonderful story Jamie. Reading this made me remember how blessed we are. Thanks for the high point of the day!

The Carter Family: said...

Yes, it is always good to remember what a great woman Grandma is! I love reading the history of her and all that she endured-I know I could never do it! She is definitely someone whom I strive to be like, but know I will always come up short.

Crazy Lifferths said...

I love Grandma Lifferth...too bad I am not blood related to inherit any of her traits. However, some can be passed through to my children, and for that, I am VERY thankful!! You always are so sweet!! I hope to see you guys soon!!

Gretch said...

AMEN SISTA! What a WONDERFUL tribute to Grandma. I totally agree. Grandma is a true HERO! Don't you miss all of the birthday cards she would send us all? She really is a fine example to all of us. Thanks for the great post!