Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bumbo Recall

It seems as though there has been a large number of recalls lately. I am always interested to see what is being recalled and why, especially when it comes to baby products. Up until today, only one recall has affected us. Several months ago, Ashlyn's toy cell phone was recalled. This proved to be a good thing because the phone was in poor shape and we got a new one for free! Well today, one of my favorite baby products was recalled - The Bumbo. I love my Bumbo! For those who do not know what a Bumbo is, it is a seat designed for babies who can hold their head up, but can not yet sit on their own. The Bumbo allows them to sit up and look around rather than lay on their backs or stomachs all the time. Here are some pics of Ashlyn using her Bumbo:

This is what the recall said:

Hazard: If the seat is placed on a table, countertop, chair, or other elevated surface, young children can arch their backs, flip out of the Bumbo seat, and fall onto the floor, posing a risk of serious head injuries.

Funny thing, this happened to Ashlyn. Well, it wasn't so funny at the time. And luckily she did not fall to the floor. One day, I put Ashlyn her in the Bumbo on top of the counter. I did this all the time before I had a high chair for her. It was great having her up where I could see her while I fixed dinner. Well, on this particular day, I had just pulled a take-n-bake pizza out of the oven, set it on the counter and turned around to close the oven. Apparently Ashlyn was in the mood for some pizza, because she reached for it and went face first into the pipin' hot pie. She did not suffer any major burns, thank goodness, but she was quite upset!

I should add, that I rarely turned my back on her while she was in the Bumbo on the counter. If I did turn my back it was only for a brief second - I am not that irresponsible. Also, I always set her in the middle of the island, never on the edge of the counter. Needless to say, Ashlyn did not spend any more time in the Bumbo on the counter!

Back to the recall. If you own a Bumbo, you are to contact the manufacturer to obtain a new warning label sticker that you can place on your Bumbo! What a relief!!


All About M.E.('s) said...

That's it? A mere sticker? Good heavens, what about all of babies out there with hot pizza stuck to their faces. There should be some sort of payment for the emotional distress caused to parents, like you. Ashlyn is lucky that you can read-at least next time, you'll see that warning sticker and think twice. What about the babies who have parents who can't read? Oh, this is just awful.

Jamie Lee said...

Mindy cracks me up! And seriously a sticker?!??! Nice, maybe we could scrap our own sticker?

Gretch said...

LOL to Mindy. I am surprised that they are just sending out a sticker?!?

Poor little Ashlyn just wanting a little pizza.

Zachary said...

I blame the pizza. You should contact the Take N Bake company and demand a sticker too.

The Carter Family: said...

I like Zach's idea! That is terrible about the Bumbo-but since I have never heard of them before they are quite intriguing (of course I would only use one if the sticker came standard!)

Sandy said...

Dang it! This was one of those inventions that was actually cool.

Anonymous said...

Little Ashlyn survived with her sense of humor intact. Hooray! What a cutie!
Better leave that bumbo at home... No accidents allowed at Grandma's house.
Love, Mom

Princess said...

I remember that happening, poor baby! Well you would hope that parents would be smart enough not to leave their baby on the actual "edge" of the counter but I guess a some people need reminded!

rsheedy said...

That Bumbo looks pretty cool. Mindy's comments are awesome...thank goodness for those warning stickers! Imagine what this world would be like without them.