Monday, August 13, 2012

Luke Turned 2

Way back when, on June 15th, Luke turned two.  As is custom in our house, Brian took the day off of work so we could spend the day together as a family.  We had pancakes for breakfast - Luke's favorite.  Luke opened his presents, the favorite being Bubble Mator.  We spent some time outside racing our new wiggle cars in the driveway.  We went to the splash park.  We had ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  And, we went to a movie in the park - they were featuring Cars 2.  Pretty perfect for our birthday boy. 

The next day we had the family over for a BBQ.  It was a typically busy day getting everything ready and about 1 1/2 hours before the party was to begin, our A/C completely stopped working.  Brian hurried up on the roof and found that the fan belt had broken.  A quick trip to Home Depot and back on the roof and we were back in business, just a little behind schedule.  Oh well.  We had a hamburger bar, then some water balloon games, then opening of more presents, and then an ice cream bar - Luke LOVES ice cream.  For party favors, the kids all got a box of cracker jacks and a box of snaps.  It was a fun night.

Luke could not get enough of the water balloons.  His expressions were hilarious as he popped one after another.  He was absolutely soaked by the time they were all gone and required a wardrobe change. 

Can I just say how much I adore this boy of mine.  This kid has no fear, he keeps us on our toes, he is independent, and he certainly has a mind of his own, but he also has some really tender moments and can be the sweetest thing.
Luke loves getting in the backpack when Brian mows the lawn.  As soon as he hears Brian edging the lawn, he will come to me saying, "backpack, backpack!" 

Luke loves being a big brother and he has proven to be a rather good one too.  Thanks to lots of hugs and kisses, Luke has passed along a cold or two.  I know that these two are going to be good buddies.
Luke also loves being a little brother and loves being included in the activities of his older siblings.

Luke adds so much joy to our home.  He is learning more and more how to communicate which has helped with his mood.  The more we understand, the happier he seems to be.  A few of my favorite phrases include: "Mommy, mommy, this!" - when he wants me to watch him do something amazing like throw a rock or do a somersault, "Okay daddy/mommy" - he is quite agreeable to the things we ask of him, and "No way" - a simple 'no' won't do when he doesn't want something.

I love Luke.  He gives me a run for my money and has caused a headache or two, but the good heavily outweighs the bad.  Even some of the 'bad' can be endearing.  I am excited to see him continue to learn and grow this year and change from a toddler into a little boy.  It will definitely be an adventure!


Jamie said...

Cute boy for sure!

Princess said...

Ok, him in the backpack is the sweetest thing ever! And good for Brian for doing it even though I am sure he is not "light" anymore lol Also I love that while you are all on those bikes in the driveway that he is headed for the open road of the street- too funny! I just love all the fun that you guys have! Love and miss you all!