Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family, Isn't It About Time?

Going back to school has added quite a bit of stress and chaos to my life. I am constantly juggling my time and I am usually carrying around some guilt for not giving my kids 100% of my attention. I only have 2 1/2 weeks left of spring semester and I am ready to be done! I'll have an eleven day break before I start summer semester and I plan on playing with my kids (& Brian) the entire time! I got a head start this weekend by taking multiple breaks from my studies for some much needed family time.

We had a movie night on Friday. After grilling up some burgers to go along with the homemade oven fries, we went for some frozen yogurt, then cuddled up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watched Kung Fu Panda.

Brian did some serious yard work on Saturday with Ashlyn's help. At one point, Ashlyn came inside and said, "Mommy, come take pictures of my worms!" So, I grabbed my camera and headed outside. For some odd reason, Ashlyn loves worms (I have to wonder if she is my child!), and she had collected a whole family.

Later that night, after dinner, we played outside again. We had some fun with Ashlyn's bubble wand, Ashlyn practiced riding her bike, and Trent put everything he could find in his mouth - dirt, rocks, sticks, you name it. At one point I noticed him chewing on something, so I told him to open his mouth but couldn't see anything. Then, I looked at his hand and noticed he was holding half a potato bug! I have a feeling that won't be the last critter he eats.

On Sunday afternoon, we played around in the backyard and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Plus, I was able to take those promised pics of Trent looking very handsome in his new church clothes.

It was such a great weekend, but I may be regretting it on Tuesday night when I am taking my lab final! Oh well, it was worth it.


Zachary said...

In the long run...yes, it was worth it. I love the pictures of Ashlyn and the worms. That is hilarious!

PS- I love that you post publicly to let us know of your updates. Thanks for doing that!

Melissa said...

Bwhahahah. The worms! Ashlyn is honestly just too good to be true.

Good luck finishing up the semester. Awesome.

Ashley Rae said...

Oh wow. What a stud. You'll have to be fighting off all the ladies for that one.

Love the worms. Haha. She is so cute.

And that is so gross he ate half a bug. Wow. I don't know how I'd be able to handle a boy. Although my friend's little girl eats dirt. Like EATS it. ALL the time. And she's 2 1/2. So gender might not matter.

Jamie said...

WORMS - Oh my I can't even get Karlee to pick up a caterpillar. I showed Addi and she just said that is my best friend.
TRENT - Seriously, he can not get any cuter!!!
PS - Ashlyn's hair is cute. Poor Addi's is so thin and doesn't grow so fast!

Lindsay said...

What a fun weekend! Those kinds of weekends are the BEST! Trent does look very handsome, too! You guys are so cute!

rsheedy said...

Trent looks awesome but I can't get over the worms. When we were kids my brother used to throw them at me...I'm still traumatized. EWWWWW!

The Simmons Family said...

Love that Ashlyn digs the worms! Oh and Trent eating potatoe bugs... you won't have to worry about creepy crawlers near you house, your kids will scare them away for fear of being attacked or eaten.

I love Trent's suit.. very cute.

You need to take a break from school... GOOD FOR YOU!!

Renee said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious about Ashlyn loving the worms!! That picture of her holding them is priceless!

Your lil' man is a cutie in his Sunday clothes too!

It's good to take a break & be with the family, huh? I need to do that more often as well... They are only little for a little while. Have fun on your break!

The Carter Family: said...

Worms...soooo gross! I think my kids are scared of bugs, worms, etc. because of me...I always get scared when I am confronted by them!!

Trent's outfit is super cute-he is going to be quite the heartbreaker!!

Johansen Family said...

Adorable! I seriously hate worms! I can't believe she was holding them...ewww. Sorry you have to juggle so much but in the end it will be well worth it!

Gretch said...

What a fun weekend! I love all the pictures. I can't believe Ashlyn's love of worms! Trent is just adorable and so is Ashlyn in their cute Easter clothes.

Good luck with your last week of finals. You are amazing for going back and yes it will be worth it!

Love ya!

All About M.E.('s) said...

Those worms are disgusting! I can't believe that she has no fear of those slimy little things. I don't think that Madi would be that brave.
That story of the potato bug sounds familiar. I think it has happened before :).
Cute pictures of the kids.

The Lund Five said...

Looks like Trent takes after his Aunt Emily!! I also ate a potato bug when I was younger! Way to go Trent, you Rock!!! As for Ashlyn, I can't believe that she likes worms. I can't stand them. They are Gross!!!

Amber said...

I cannot handle the worms! That is too funny.

I love Trent's new church clothes, darling!

Esther said...

I couldn't look at the picture of Ashlyn holding the worms...ewww. Trent looked so cute in his church clothes!

Mary said...

I love that Ashlyn is curious about worms! As long as they live out side.

Does Trent have red hair? He is so handsome!

Love you guys.

Monica said...

Ashlyn is a girl after my own heart. I'm a worm girl too. I've always loved them. I never was a girly girl. And Trenters looks soooo handsome. He is the cutes little boy.

Amy said...

I LOVE the contrast of your sweet beautiful girl with a handful of worms in her hand! She looks so clean, and the worms so slimy.Great shotQ
And Trent, what a handsome little man in his suit. Too cute Jamie!
P.S. I think that organized sports are such a fun family activity...we love it. Plus, it is super entertaining. I'm sure Ashlyn would love it...