Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I am a month behind in blogging. Such is life these days. Aiy yai yai. Anyway, Halloween was fun. I did not, for the first time, make my kids' costumes this year. And I hate that I didn't get to make them. Oh well, there is always next year. Ashlyn wanted to be Belle, and so she was. I had great plans to put her hair in an "up-do" with ringlets and glitter - you know, the works. Well, she had other plans, involving scissors. Yep. So, on the day of the scheduled 'trunk-r-treat', there was no "up-do", but there were still lots of ringlets and glitter. However, I didn't, for some crazy reason, bring my camera to the event, so there are no pictures. On the actual day of Halloween, I did have my camera, but did not have time to do the ringlets and glitter. Oh well, she was/is still beautiful. And her hair will grow back. (FYI - I didn't actually take these pictures...they are courtesy of Mindy.)

Trent was Woody this year. He got to borrow the costume that Monica made for Ben a few years back. He looked adorable.

I guess technically I did make Luke's costume. He was a monkey, the monkey costume I made for Ashlyn's first Halloween. It was making this costume that got me hooked on homemade costumes. It was fun to get it out of the box and use it again.

So, there you have it: a princess, a cowboy, and a monkey. Quite a good-lookin' bunch.

Like I mentioned, they got to go to a 'trunk-or-treat' that my parent's ward put on. They also got spoiled with candy from Brian's work. So, by the time Saturday night rolled around, we decided to opt out of trick-or-treating. Plus, it was miserably cold and raining. So, I told Brian that we wouldn't worry about going unless they asked, and they didn't. They were completely content to stay at home and help us pass out candy. They were actually pretty excited with all the people coming to our door. And we did have a lot. I mean a LOT. So much that we ran out of candy and I had to steal from Ashlyn and Trent's stash. Now I know to be better prepared for next year.

Sunday we had a fun Halloween party at my parents, minus the Aaron Lifferth's. We ate donuts on a string, sang songs, read books, watched "The Great Pumpkin" and made ghost pudding parfaits. It was a fun night and will be repeated again next year.

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