Monday, November 15, 2010

A Cars Party!

Ever since Ashlyn's Backyardigans birthday party back in March, and every party we have attended since then, Trent has been talking about having a Cars party. To put it lightly, Trent loves cars, particularly "Cars" cars, and more specifically, "Lightning McQueen." He eats, drinks and sleeps cars...literally. I can't imagine that they are very comfortable to cuddle up with, but he takes at least 1 car to bed with him every night. And he takes at least 1 car with him wherever he goes - the store, grandma's house, church, the dinner table, you get the idea. Trent even lines up his cars, so they can watch "Cars" with him.

Since Ashlyn's birthday, Trent has endured princess, polk-a-dot, and Hello Kitty themes (to name a few), all the while talking about having a "boy party" or a "Cars party." So, the anticipation for this event was eight months in the making, and I knew I better make it good. There are a LOT of photos here, and I am going to mainly let them do the talking, so lets get started!

The invitations:
The decorations:
The food:
For dinner at Flo's V8 Cafe - a salad bar, homemade breadsticks, and fruit.
Trent approved of this menu, but for the kids who don't like salad, there was a back-up plan - chicken nuggets.
To drink - apple juice, aka:
For the sweet tooth - rice krispie stop lights, cozy ice cream cones, and a variety of candy which included Trent's favorite - tootsie rolls.
The activities:
Brian started things off with a "Who Said It?" game.
Here's a sample, see if you can name a few -
"I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park."
"No, not me, you rock and you know that"
"Respect the classics man, it's Hendricks."
"I create feelings in others they themselves don't understand."

We then moved on to our craft -
candy race cars.
And finally, we held our very own piston cup race!
We have a perfect "track"/loop on our main level and the kids took turns racing Lightning McQueen as Brian timed them. They each got two chances to get the best time. The winning time of 8.8 seconds and the winner of the piston cup was Landon!
The presents:
Trent got absolutely spoiled with gifts. Trent is lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family. We truly missed those who couldn't attend - Aaron, Monica, Ben, Maggie, Stacey, Patrick, Ako, and Libby.
The cake:
The favor bags:
Decals for the boys and touch-up paint for the girls.(a ding dong)
And that is all! Whew! I was absolutely exhausted when it was over (and all the next day), but it was totally worth it. It was a very memorable evening. Trent soaked up the whole thing and was the happiest little boy in Carburetor County!


Princess said...

Wow Jame, you really outdid yourself on this one! It looks like it was such a good time and I so wish I could have been there!

Ashley Rae said...

Ok... seriously? You put Martha Stewart to shame. I can't believe all the creative and fun activities you planned for the kids! What an amazing birthday party :)

Cars is such a darling show... it's a favorite in our family. Happy birthday Trent!

Lindsay said...

Wow! What a bash!!! SO cute. You are AMAZING!

All About M.E.('s) said...

The party was adorable and everything about it was awesome. It was definitely a perfect party for Trent and we all had a blast! :)

Jamie said...

Once again Jame you have out done yourself - love it!

Zachary said...

You do an incredible job with these parties. Will you do my birthday? :)

Great work!

Monica Lifferth said...

HOly Cow! I think you have officially thrown the most amazing party ever! I so wish we could have been there. I actually got a little teary eyed when I saw that first photo. He has grown so much. It really does break my heart. Can't wait to squeeze him.

The Simmons Family said...

You are amazing!! You know I'm going to steal some of your ideas.. execpt for the actual Piston Cup.. because unless Owen butt scoots in his car, that's not happening.

You did such a great job with the party. I can't believe how old Trent looks.. maybe it's because he's a big brother now. :)

Amy said...

Jamie! That is an amazing party...I love all of the treats you put in the bag....
So cute. I also can not believe how Trent looks like a little kid.
what a fun mom!

The Wright's said...

You are a*m*A*z*i*n*g! Sounds like a fun party!