Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Spirit

So it is only the 6th, and we have already been having such a fun and full holiday season! I mentioned this before, but on Saturday we went to the Festival of Trees and to Thanksgiving Point. Both of these events were fun and memorable.

On Sunday we were able to attend Maya's blessing. It was a beautiful blessing and I always love getting together with my family - they are the best. We went to Mindy and Marty's home afterwards for a delicious brunch, featuring my favorite - breakfast casserole. Later that day, I took Trent to my ward for Relief Society were he played a very important role in the Christmas program.

Monday night was our annual Lifferth Family Christmas Party and a good time was had by all! We love this party. My only complaint is that our family is so big, I never get a chance to talk to everyone. Santa made a surprise appearance, which the kids of all ages loved! I wasn't sure how Ashlyn would react, but she did really well.

Tuesday night we went to dinner with the Smiley's for Brian's dad's B-day. After dinner, Brian and I took our kids to a live nativity. I was so impressed by this production, I took my parents, Mindy and her girls again last night. It was so well done. I really can not give it enough justice. The props and scenery were fantastic. You really felt as though you were stepping back in time. They had live animals, including a camel, sheep, a llama, a donkey, goats, chickens, and a calf. Of course, the animals were Ashlyn's favorite part.

The nativity was set up so you walked through a series of scenes including shepherds, the three wise men, and then into the city of Bethlehem. In Bethlehem, they had depicted woodworkers, basket weavers, pottery makers, beggars, and an Innkeeper stating that there was no room in the Inn.

Maybe it is because I just had a baby, but I felt a new respect and love for Mary as I walked through this nativity scene. When I saw the donkey, I was overcome with emotion as I thought of what she endured. I can not imagine being nine months pregnant, riding around on a donkey, trying to find a place to give birth.

The final scene of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus was a very powerful and spiritual experience. It really got me into the Christmas spirit, the true Christmas spirit. This was a perfect way to start off the holiday season.

We have many more activities planned this month. It is such a fun time of year, busy but fun. With all the happenings of the holidays, I hope I will be able to keep with me the true spirit and meaning of the season.


The Wright's said...

Where is the nativity? I would like to go! BTW, how do you do all of this and STILL have a new baby???

All About M.E.('s) said...

Thanks for taking us to the nativity. I got a little choked up myself when we went around the corner and saw Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. It was beauiful. I thought it was so well done, especially the lighting. As your going through everything was dimly lit, but then the manger scene was so beautifully lit. It was a good activity to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Crazy Lifferths said...

I must be thinking like Jen because I was going to ask you where this is!! It sounds wonderful and I would love to go and get to see TRUE meaning of Christmas in a live nativity. You are super woman...I think I was still in pajamas after Austin at the point you are at after Trent, and you are all busy and everything.

Smiley Family said...

Sorry to say, but tonight is the last night of the production. It started on Monday and was only going to run 4 nights. It is too bad, I wish all my family and friends could go. I am sure that it will run again next year, and as soon as I hear about it I will be sure to let all of you know. Happy Holidays!!

Smiley Family said...

P.S. Karalee, I wasn't this way after I had Ashlyn. I had a longer and harder recovery with her. This one has been much easier and I am so grateful:)

Princess said...

I love you that you guys do so much stuff as a family! It is really neat to hear about the new things Belle is experiencing!

The Carter Family: said...

How fun! It is always good to take time to really remember the true meaning of x-mas. We try to focus all of December's FHE's on it so our kids know why we are celebrating x-mas...I think Treyton is finally getting it!

Gretch said...

That sounds awesome! I've never seen a real live nativity before. I'm sure it was very powerful. You are super woman! That is great that you are doing so many great Holiday adventures. I'm glad that Ashlyn likes Santa-cute pictures.
I wish we could have been at the Lifferth Christmas party.

Miss ya!

Jamie Lee said...

How fun! Karlee was very impressed with the Santa pictures. At first she thought he was a t your house. She said you guys are lucky.