Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Too Big

My little Luke is seven months old now. Man. I have such bittersweet feelings about it.

It is bitter because as I laid him down for his nap the other day, I was shocked at how big he looked. He has reached that point (any mom knows what I am talking about here) when it is no longer conceivable that he was once in my tummy. So sad.

It is sweet because I love absolutely love how fun and interactive he is right now. His favorite trick is to sit up and play with his toys. If he falls over, he usually rolls onto his stomach which makes him really mad. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of rolling back onto his back. He's done it a few times and one day he rolled and rolled all across the family room floor, but I guess he gave up on that idea and went back to the crying method. (I'm pretty sure he does this just so I will pick him up!) He has also started making those great little noises when you put your lips together and blow (is there a name for that?). Anyway, he is just too cute.

This kid loves, and I mean LOVES to eat. I don't remember my first two being quite as interested in food as Luke is. He grunts, fusses, and screams at me when I eat in front of him. He is very interested in whatever I am putting into my mouth and wants to taste anything I am eating. And so far, he hasn't refused anything I have given him. The bad part of having older siblings is that they (Ashlyn and Trent) have taken it upon themselves to give Luke big kid foods. So, aside from what I have allowed, Luke has also tried a mini M&M and a small piece of bologna. He didn't complain.

And, he's got the teeth to be a big eater. He has three so far and three more about to poke through. His aunt Monica felt his first tooth (the bottom left) on Christmas Eve. A couple weeks later he got his first tooth on top (the upper left eye tooth), and yesterday I felt another tooth on the bottom. His gums are stretched and white on three more top teeth and I'm sure that they will break through in the next week or two.

He is becoming a happier kid. I personally think that he always has been a happy kid, but I have heard otherwise. Apparently he isn't so happy when I'm not around...whatever, I'm not sure I believe it ;o) But, he does seem happier and more content lately. I can leave him on the floor with his toys more, and Brian can actually hold him when I am in the room.

Brian is convinced that he has said his first word. He says, "mamamama" and Brian is sure that he is directing it at me. There have been a couple times when it sure did seem like it, but I'm not totally convinced yet. Although it would make sense for Luke's first word to be "mama" since he is quite fond of me. Incidentally, I am quite fond too.

The last couple of months have flown by and I just know that the next few months will be the same. Before I know it he will be a year old, which definitely causes some not-sweet-at-all-in-fact-quite-bitter feelings.


All About M.E.('s) said...

He is adorable!! I love him even when he screams endlessly because you're not there. He is just so cute!! 7 months has flown by!

Ashley Rae said...

Yep. You're right. He really is the cutest thing. I love all the pictures of his sweet face. You and Brian make some darling children.
I told Justin about Ashlyn calling me... I couldn't get over how cute it was. Haha

Jamie said...

He is stinkin' cute!

Zachary said...

Holy Moly...he looks exactly like Ashlyn...and Trent. It's crazy he looks like both of them.

But you are right...he is a cute kid.

Monica Lifferth said...

Oh man Jame. Those are the cutest pictures. We havnen't been gone that long and he has grown so much. He really is such a doll. I adore him. Can't wait to hold him again!

Marilyn said...

You captured his cute little personality perfectly. He's adorable alright!

The Wright's said...

Ive always been fond of Luke. He is adorable, just like the rest of the crew!

Lindsay said...

He is SUCH a cutie pie! No wonder you are in love with him!

Heather said...

He always looks like he is smiling! So So cute!