Thursday, February 28, 2013

Halloween 2012

Halloween is such a long, distant memory.  Someday I'll get this blog caught up.  Someday.  Anyway, I love homemade and semi-homemade costumes, and I enjoy coming up with costumes for my kids each year.

Ashlyn's wanted to be a cat this year.  The only part of her costume that was homemade, was the tutu and I have my mom to thank for it.  Because of my recent carpal tunnel surgery, I was unable to work a sewing machine and she came to my aide.  Thank goodness for moms - mine is the best.  Ashlyn made a pretty darn cute black cat.  In fact, a cuter black cat I've never seen.  I realized this year, that Ashlyn has only had one Halloween costume without a tutu.  It'll be a sad day when she outgrows tutus.
Despite having to wear a brace 24/7, I did make Trent and Luke's costumes.  I just had to.  I had a brilliant idea and just had to follow through.  They were fashioned out of duct tape and cardboard boxes and I love the way they turned out.  My only regret is that I wish I had started the project sooner and made a Luigi costume for Chase.

Chase was a monkey.  The same monkey costume that I made for Ashlyn's first Halloween and later worn by Luke on his first Halloween - Trent was too big on his first Halloween to fit into it.

Between dance, school, preschool, two parties and the actually day of Halloween, the kids got a lot of use out of their costumes.  We also had our annual grandkid Halloween party on the Sunday before Halloween.  We sang songs, played games, decorated haunted houses and made caramel apples.  Always a good time.
One thing I will mention, is that about a week after Halloween, I found out that Brian threw away my hours of hard work.  That's right, Lightning and Mater went to the dump.  Yeah, I wasn't too happy about that one.  At least I have the pictures.

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whitney said...

Better late than never!

Love, love, love those costumes! yay! yay! for moms!